Over the years, Dr. Keith Cohrs has implemented an extensive range of unique care options into his treatment methods. For example, he now offers single visit crowns in Portage, MI, for those who want them. This unique treatment option provides a broad array of possibilities. Here's what you need to know about this tool and how dentists use it to handle multiple oral health concerns. 

Expect a Very Fast Installation 

A traditional crown typically takes several visits to install due to its design and implementation. By contrast, a single visit option will be on your own in about two hours. As a result, you can get in and out of the office more quickly and get back to your life. Just as importantly, you'll have to take less time off of work for multiple visits, helping to save you money and frustration in your life. 

Expect a Durable Design 

It might surprise you to know that these crowns use the same porcelain material as traditional crowns. They simply use a different preparation method that speeds up the process and minimizes your waiting time. As a result, they will last as long as traditional crowns and provide you with a similar level of protection that keeps your roots and your tooth's interior safe from long-term decay.

Expect a Natural Look 

Does a single visit crown in Portage, MI, look any different than traditional crowns? No. They have the same type of natural look that a porcelain crown provides. As a result, you can get them if you've already gotten traditional crowns on other teeth without experiencing any problems with your overall look or aesthetics. Just as importantly, they will blend into your other teeth and not stand out like metal crowns.

Expect a Very Comfy Fit 

Lastly, these crowns provide a surprisingly accurate and tight fix thanks to the use of CEREC technology. First, your dentist will create a 3D model of your tooth's surface to get a feel for its shape, size, and crown needs. Then, they'll use the milling tool to produce an attractive and quick-fit crown that can be used for many purposes, including cavity protection and much more.

Keep Your Teeth Stronger 

If you think that single visit crowns in Portage, MI sound right for you, call Dr. Cohrs right away to learn more. First, our team will set up an appointment to figure out what kind of crowns you need. Then, we'll discuss them with you and find an option that makes sense for you. So call us at (269) 382-3125 to set up an appointment right away.