If you are a busy person who is not able to sit in a dentist's chair for many hours over the course of several appointments, single-visit crowns are the best way for you! Dr. Keith Cohrs in Portage, MI can guide you through the process of receiving single visit crowns and answer all your questions and concerns.

Below are some facts about single visit crowns:

  • A quick procedure. Single-visit crowns only take about two hours to be placed, while traditional dental crowns would take two appointments several weeks apart to complete.
  • Durable material. They are made of porcelain just as traditional crowns. This also means that they would be made to match the size, color, and shape of your teeth.
  • Increased comfort. Because of the ease of application, single-visit crowns really are the best way to replace missing or decayed teeth at a quick notice.
  • Care. They require the same amount of care as your natural teeth and traditional porcelain crowns as well. Maintenance would be attributed to appropriate oral and dental hygiene and using mouthwash, in addition to seeing your dentist every six months.

Dr. Keith Cohrs of Cohrs Family Dentistry in Portage, MI would be happy to attend to any of your questions and concerns about single visit crowns and see if this is fit for you. Book your next appointment at (269) 382-3125.