Veneers could help you take back your smile by masking stains, cracks, chips, minor gaps, and slight misalignment. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed or very self-conscious about your teeth, it might be time to visit us here at our Portage, MI, practice. Read on to find out about the benefits of veneers and why our dentist, Dr. Keith Cohrs, recommends this popular cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Hide Stains, Misalignment, Chips, Gaps, and Cracks in Your Smile with Veneers

Generally speaking, veneers, whether made of porcelain or composite resin, are capable of concealing minor cosmetic concerns that show up when you’re speaking or smiling. These concerns include tiny gaps between teeth, chips, cracks, discoloration that professional teeth whitening can’t treat, and insignificant misalignment.

Prevent Further Stains with Dental Veneers

When you have veneers, they’re what will come in contact with all the drinks and foods you consume, so you prevent further staining on your natural teeth. Likewise, veneers, particularly ones that are crafted from porcelain, have excellent stain-resistant properties than the enamel of real teeth.

Veneers Won’t Require Extensive Enamel Removal

While your teeth’s natural enamel is quite sturdy, once it erodes or wears away, you can’t get it back. Thankfully, veneers will only require the removal of a very thin layer of enamel, just enough for your front teeth’s surfaces to accommodate them comfortably.

Dental Veneers Offer a Quick Way to Fix Your Smile

Generally speaking, the entire process will only take two visits to our practice here in Portage, MI. During the first appointment, your dentist will buff a small amount of enamel from your front teeth’s surface to make it more adherent and make space for the veneers. Your dentist will likewise take impressions of your prepared teeth and then send it to a lab where your veneers will be fabricated. Meanwhile, your dentist will fit you with temporary veneers to safeguard your teeth. During your next appointment, your dentist will bond the veneers to your teeth and make some modifications if necessary to ensure that they feel and look like real teeth.

Veneers are Very Low Maintenance

Although veneers are extremely sturdy and resistant to stains, you will still have to brush your teeth and floss every single day to ensure that they remain in excellent condition for many years to come. You should also visit your dentist at least twice a year for professional cleanings and routine checkups. This very easy maintenance routine will significantly help in extending the life of your veneers.

Want to See If Dental Veneers are Right for You?

Don’t hesitate to arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Keith Cohrs, here at our practice in Portage, MI. You can reach us by calling (269) 382-3125 or requesting an appointment schedule online through our scheduling coordinator.