Understanding oral hygiene from a young age is the best way to prevent the onset of cavities and other tooth and gum-related problems. Children can learn to brush their teeth appropriately and floss regularly, and this can definitely help keep your child's teeth healthy! Dr. Keith Cohrs in Portage, MI is ready to attend to any of your concerns or questions about good oral hygiene for children.

Below are some ways that can help teach children about good oral hygiene habits.

  1. Begin early! As soon as the child begins developing teeth, the parents should begin cleaning. In the beginning, a simple gently scrubbing of the teeth and gums with a washcloth would be sufficient. Doing this early allows the child to understand the importance of oral hygiene on a daily basis since they would know to incorporate it in their daily morning and/or night routines. This also makes it easier to introduce brushing and flossing at a later age.
  2. Be a good example. Showing the child the importance of dental hygiene is best achieved by doing the routines yourself, since children are very impressionable. It is important to make these habits enjoyable which would greatly encourage the child to mimic you.
  3. Healthy eating. Indulging in healthier food options can definitely help with keeping your teeth healthy. Highly sugary foods or snacks such as candy and chocolate can lead to cavities and other tooth and gum-related issues, so avoiding them or limiting them would be best. Sugar is indeed the main cause of tooth decay and cavities. If you suspect your child to have any tooth or gum-related problem, please consult Dr. Cohrs.
  4. Make it fun. Letting the child choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste would make the routine a little more fun for them. There are so many child-friendly products available, such as flavored toothpaste.
  5. Reward them! When they are consistent in their oral hygiene habits, reward them by giving them a sticker or in some other way that does not involve candy and/or chocolate.
  6. Pediatric dentist. Choosing a suitable pediatric dentist is so important. That is why Dr. Cohrs would be a great choice for your child's next check-up.

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