Root canal treatment is just as essential for children as it is for adults. In fact, this treatment from your Portage, MI, children's dentist, Dr. Keith Cohrs, offer several important benefits for your child's smile.

Root canal therapy helps your child avoid tooth loss

Root canal therapy is needed if your child has an infection or inflammation in their tooth pulp, the soft mass of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels in the center of a tooth. During the therapy, your Portage dentist removes the pulp and replaces it with a durable filling. After the root canal, the tooth will look the same and continue to function normally, despite the pulp removal.

Common signs of inflammation or infection

Although there are some cases in which inflammation and infection don't necessarily create many obvious symptoms, there are still certain factors that can alert you to the need of making an appointment with your Portage, MI, children's dentist. Some of these signs include:

  • Intermittent or Constant Pain: Pain can come and go, and it may not seem severe at first. Your child may mention an increase in pain when he or she chews, brushes or presses on the tooth.
  • Sensitivity: Foods and beverages that are hot, cold, or sugary can all trigger sensitivity that lasts as long as 30 minutes.
  • Discoloration: Darkening of a tooth may indicate a problem deep inside your child's pulp.

Severe pain may also be a sign that your child has an abscess. The bacterial infection is a dental emergency and can harm your child's health if it's not treated promptly. In addition to pain, symptoms may include fever, swollen lymph nodes, facial swelling, pus, or a small bump on the gum.

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