Get the Smile of Your Dreams With Teeth Whitening.

Sometimes, the smile of your dreams is hiding just behind some troublesome stains. Teeth whitening can make your smile shine by making your teeth a few shades closer to the bright white you've always wished for. The process is relatively quick, straightforward, and safe under the care of a professional. So if you would like to know more, get in contact with Dr. Keith Cohrs in Portage, MI.

Troublesome Stains

There are just a few things you should consider when thinking about whitening your teeth. One of the most important is that whitening does not have much of an effect on certain stains.

If you've injured your tooth and noticed discoloration, this is due to the tooth reacting to the trauma by laying down more dentin. Dentin, which is darker than enamel, is the structure beneath the protective outer shell, making whitening ineffective in this case.

Also, as we age, because enamel does wear over time, more of the dentin beneath becomes visible, creating a similar situation as mentioned above. Certain medications can also create difficult-to-treat stains, and dental implements like crowns and veneers cannot be bleached like your natural teeth.

The good news is that your dentist can tell you if the treatment will improve the appearance of your smile or if perhaps other treatments may be more beneficial.

Teeth Whitening in Portage, MI

Onto even better news, the pigments of all our favorite foods and drinks that stain our teeth over time are great candidates to be treated with teeth whitening.

Good oral health is imperative for a successful procedure, as healthy gums are a must. So if you've been skimping on your regular visits, you may be surprised by how much can be achieved with only a professional dental cleaning.

Over-the-counter products can be tempting, but the results cannot compare to teeth whitening performed under a dentist's supervision. You have the option of an in-office treatment or the convenience of take-home trays.

If you want that smile you've been dreaming of, schedule your appointment today with Dr. Cohrs in Portage, MI, by dialing (269) 382-3125.