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September 15, 2021
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You want to do everything you can to help keep the smiles of your children healthy, but as you help them to brush their teeth every night remember that you do not have to do all of this alone. Your Portage, MI, children's dentist can help, offering a great variety of services targeted toward protecting their smiles. Learn more about all the children's dental services offered by contacting Dr. Keith Cohrs.

Preventive Care

Preventive care begins at home but it doesn't end there. Regular dental checkups and cleanings at your dentist's office can help protect their smile against the damaging effects of plaque, as well as help monitor potential complications. Dental problems are always best treated early, before they become more involved, and often, costlier to correct.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a way that your child's dentist can protect their smiles against plaque. These protect their permanent molars, which can be more difficult to keep clean, during a period in their life when cavities are the most common.


When cavities do happen it's important to have these taken care of by your children's dentist to stop the spread of decay. The dentist will first remove the affected tooth structure and then fill the space with either traditional amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings, or any other options available at the office.

Mouth Guard

Decay is not the only thing that threatens a young smile. If they are involved in sports, a custom-made mouthguard can help prevent accidents. Accidents can't always be prevented, so for these cases your Portage, MI, office also offers emergency assistance.


To correct problems related to your children's bite, to straighten crooked teeth, and to solve a variety of dental complications your dentist may suggest orthodontic care. Even early orthodontics for children who may require them, although all will benefit from early examinations.

Your Portage, MI, Children's Dentist

Listed above is not the complete list of available services at your Portage, MI, office, only a sampling of all the ways that your children's dentist can help to improve their smile. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Cohrs by dialing (269) 382-3125.

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August 27, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures

If you are a busy person who is not able to sit in a dentist's chair for many hours over the course of several appointments, single-visit crowns are the best way for you! Dr. Keith Cohrs in Portage, MI can guide you through the process of receiving single visit crowns and answer all your questions and concerns.

Below are some facts about single visit crowns:

  • A quick procedure. Single-visit crowns only take about two hours to be placed, while traditional dental crowns would take two appointments several weeks apart to complete.
  • Durable material. They are made of porcelain just as traditional crowns. This also means that they would be made to match the size, color, and shape of your teeth.
  • Increased comfort. Because of the ease of application, single-visit crowns really are the best way to replace missing or decayed teeth at a quick notice.
  • Care. They require the same amount of care as your natural teeth and traditional porcelain crowns as well. Maintenance would be attributed to appropriate oral and dental hygiene and using mouthwash, in addition to seeing your dentist every six months.

Dr. Keith Cohrs of Cohrs Family Dentistry in Portage, MI would be happy to attend to any of your questions and concerns about single visit crowns and see if this is fit for you. Book your next appointment at (269) 382-3125.

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August 17, 2021
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Dr. Keith Cohrs of Cohrs Family Dentistry is here to help when you have a cavity. White fillings by your dentist in Portage, MI, replace tooth decay with strong material to save your tooth and preserve your smile. A filling can salvage a tooth that has decay, and save you from more pain and even needing a tooth replacement.

Cavities and Fillings

When plaque isn't removed by regular brushing, it builds up on the teeth and eats away at your tooth's enamel, creating a cavity. Cavities can be painful and will only get worse if left untreated. They can only grow in size from more tooth decay. You need a filling to replace the decayed tooth structure with strong material to save your tooth.

Advantages of white fillings

Traditional metal fillings are made from a mixture of metals called amalgam. These fillings are strong but unsightly, and concerns about the inclusion of mercury in the alloy have made tooth-colored fillings the most popular choice. The composite resin material used is made from a mixture of plastic and glass. The material is white and blends in with your teeth perfectly. When you get a white filling, it also requires less drilling of the tooth than with amalgam fillings.

Getting a filling

Getting a filling is a routine procedure and should be relatively painless. You should only feel small injections of novocaine to numb the tooth. Once you are completely numb, your dentist will drill away all the decay. When all the decay is gone and only healthy tooth structure remains, your dentist fills the cavity with material by sculpting it directly onto the tooth. The material is then trimmed and polished and you leave the office with a strong and beautiful tooth!

Cohrs Family Dentistry in Portage, MI, provides white fillings that blend in with your smile when you have a cavity. To make an appointment with Dr. Keith Cohrs, call us at (269) 382-3125.

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August 03, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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Understanding oral hygiene from a young age is the best way to prevent the onset of cavities and other tooth and gum-related problems. Children can learn to brush their teeth appropriately and floss regularly, and this can definitely help keep your child's teeth healthy! Dr. Keith Cohrs in Portage, MI is ready to attend to any of your concerns or questions about good oral hygiene for children.

Below are some ways that can help teach children about good oral hygiene habits.

  1. Begin early! As soon as the child begins developing teeth, the parents should begin cleaning. In the beginning, a simple gently scrubbing of the teeth and gums with a washcloth would be sufficient. Doing this early allows the child to understand the importance of oral hygiene on a daily basis since they would know to incorporate it in their daily morning and/or night routines. This also makes it easier to introduce brushing and flossing at a later age.
  2. Be a good example. Showing the child the importance of dental hygiene is best achieved by doing the routines yourself, since children are very impressionable. It is important to make these habits enjoyable which would greatly encourage the child to mimic you.
  3. Healthy eating. Indulging in healthier food options can definitely help with keeping your teeth healthy. Highly sugary foods or snacks such as candy and chocolate can lead to cavities and other tooth and gum-related issues, so avoiding them or limiting them would be best. Sugar is indeed the main cause of tooth decay and cavities. If you suspect your child to have any tooth or gum-related problem, please consult Dr. Cohrs.
  4. Make it fun. Letting the child choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste would make the routine a little more fun for them. There are so many child-friendly products available, such as flavored toothpaste.
  5. Reward them! When they are consistent in their oral hygiene habits, reward them by giving them a sticker or in some other way that does not involve candy and/or chocolate.
  6. Pediatric dentist. Choosing a suitable pediatric dentist is so important. That is why Dr. Cohrs would be a great choice for your child's next check-up.

Book an appointment today with Dr. Keith Cohrs in Portage, MI, at (269) 382-3125 and help your child keep their healthy smile.

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March 15, 2021
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Get the Smile of Your Dreams With Teeth Whitening.

Sometimes, the smile of your dreams is hiding just behind some troublesome stains. Teeth whitening can make your smile shine by making your teeth a few shades closer to the bright white you've always wished for. The process is relatively quick, straightforward, and safe under the care of a professional. So if you would like to know more, get in contact with Dr. Keith Cohrs in Portage, MI.

Troublesome Stains

There are just a few things you should consider when thinking about whitening your teeth. One of the most important is that whitening does not have much of an effect on certain stains.

If you've injured your tooth and noticed discoloration, this is due to the tooth reacting to the trauma by laying down more dentin. Dentin, which is darker than enamel, is the structure beneath the protective outer shell, making whitening ineffective in this case.

Also, as we age, because enamel does wear over time, more of the dentin beneath becomes visible, creating a similar situation as mentioned above. Certain medications can also create difficult-to-treat stains, and dental implements like crowns and veneers cannot be bleached like your natural teeth.

The good news is that your dentist can tell you if the treatment will improve the appearance of your smile or if perhaps other treatments may be more beneficial.

Teeth Whitening in Portage, MI

Onto even better news, the pigments of all our favorite foods and drinks that stain our teeth over time are great candidates to be treated with teeth whitening.

Good oral health is imperative for a successful procedure, as healthy gums are a must. So if you've been skimping on your regular visits, you may be surprised by how much can be achieved with only a professional dental cleaning.

Over-the-counter products can be tempting, but the results cannot compare to teeth whitening performed under a dentist's supervision. You have the option of an in-office treatment or the convenience of take-home trays.

If you want that smile you've been dreaming of, schedule your appointment today with Dr. Cohrs in Portage, MI, by dialing (269) 382-3125.

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